Mr. & Mrs. Watson!

Hello my lovely friends!

I’m back. For now. Like I said when I made my new year’s resolution – this whole blogging thing probably won’t work out. However, here is post on Ashley and Andrew’s wedding!

My baby sister, who is luckily my best friend in this life got married to the man of her dreams 2 days ago. It was amazing. I’m still thinking about how beautiful and perfect everything was. Watching the way Andrew loves my sister fills my heart with just tons of joy, and their wedding day was literally a picture from a storybook. I feel blessed to have taken a small part in standing by her side.

For those who weren’t able to make it to the wedding, it went a little something like this!

We arrived around 10am to discover that the building’s power had went out. For those who don’t know, she got married at Fountainhead Country Club in Hagerstown, MD – which btw has phenomenal service. Except for the one small part of the story where we literally had no electricity. The generators kicked in, but there was still no power going to the outlets. Our hair and makeup team were ready to go (shout out to 9West Hair Studio in Martinsburg), but the day literally started off like a bridal nightmare. My sister had bought us all these cute monogrammed robes, which totally came in handy because no power =  no AC. We were sweating, had fans going from a power strip that they ran to us from another building, it was basically a hot mess [pun intended].  Other than a few comments though, Ashley was pretty calm.

Within the hour, we were back in business- the photographers arrived, the videographers started rocking and rolling. Thank God for mimosas. The day was beautiful. The sun was shining and it was breezy. Ash was ready to walk down the aisle!

What was my favorite part? Im so glad you asked!

My favorite part out of everything was the opportunity to witness how much Ashley and Andrew are loved by so many people.

Her bridesmaids included girls from almost every season in life who have totally loved and supported her through all of the awkward years of self-identity. There were best friends from high school, roommates from college, and soon-to-be sister in-laws who welcomed her into their family as their own sister. It was such a beautiful picture of God’s love for us, and how he blesses us through friendships with other people. Friends that we need in this life to get from one year to the next. Friends who will be there to celebrate all of the future moments we don’t even know we’re going to have yet. Friends to help us through the dry and rough seasons in life. I don’t think there was a dry eye during the rehearsal dinner when my dad was practicing the walk down the aisle.

Andrew is the brother I’ve never had, but always wanted. He loves big, laughs big, and like Ashley, knows how to light up a room with his presence. My prayer for their marriage is that they never forget the vows they made to each other or what those vows mean, that they always strive to make each other laugh when things get difficult (because they will), and that they continually serve the Lord and dwell in His house all the days of their life – as One.

Their wedding was beautiful, just like they are when they’re together. Until we get some pictures back from the photographer – these will have to suffice.




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