Back on the blog.


Life….I LOVE IT! I wanted to do a blog post on what’s new with us.

Disclaimer:  I’m also fully aware that I have zero followers on here, but the Facebook political climate in my newsfeed is overbearing some days. I’m steering clear from Facebook…but you can find me on here if you want to keep up with our daily lives! I’ve started and re-started this blog like three times, so the fourth time’s a charm 😉

Sam and I work a lot. (Eat, sleep, pay bills, repeat. Amen?) I haven’t been posting on Facebook much lately, and there are so many people I’ve been trying to catch up with for the better half of a year that I still have yet to see.

Although I prefer to catch up in-person, I also really enjoy reading blogs that my friends have made. Since we don’t have time to physically get together very often, I love being able to feel like I’m with them for about 5 minutes while I read about their lives and browse through photos on insta.

So, here we are. What’s new with us? Not much. We stay busy, but here are some family updates!

Our “children” are great! But they still hate each other. Correction – Shady doesn’t like Stella. Stella loves Shady, but he wants nothing to do with her. I’m not dog-parenting well so the training process continues!

I also want to officially introduce you to the newest addition to our family – Sonoma!!! Who is obviously named after wine country.

FullSizeRender 2

FullSizeRender 3

…..and these are the only babies you can expect in our family for now.

Additionally, we’ve been constantly working on improvements to the house (slowly, but surely). We finally have beautiful wooden steps on our front porch instead of cement with fake green grass! Praise God for my grandpa who helps while we’re at work. More to come on this throughout the spring/summer.

So many plans in-progress. I don’t know why we thought buying somewhat of an older house was a good idea, but one step at a time. We’re both working hard to try and remain content where we’re at for this season in life. It’s easy to rush through days and push through our daily routines from weekend to weekend, but we want to make sure that we’re also enjoying our lives, and spending time with each other.

Okay, now I’m sure you’re all dying to hear about my weekend plans! First – a backstory.

I’m apparently the master at never being able to get out of a speeding ticket. In the past year, I’ve literally been pulled over for speeding three times. THREE TIMES PEOPLE. In the state of WV, that’s officially 9 points on my DL. This is no bueno, and has really been stressing me out.

The first was on our way to pick up Stella when she was a puppy. I cried all the way to the breeder’s house (Sam was not happy). The second ticket was on my way home from a work event, and the most recent time was on my way home. Guys, I’m currently in 3-step process (that I created myself) to keep my license.

So what am I doing with my Saturday? I’m glad you asked!

All. day. tomorrow. I will be in a defensive driving course class from 9am-5pm. I covet your prayers, people. The last time I was in this class, I was yelled at by a truck driver in the back of the room who told me to shut up. haha. But enough about my driving – wish me luck tomorrow!

Early morning coffee + cruise control + not getting pulled over = happy angela.

I look forward to sharing some great stories next week and continuing this blog on a somewhat regular basis!

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One thought on “Back on the blog.

  1. Sorry about your tickets but tomorrow’s (today) a brand new day. We still have issues, at times, with our furbabies, but they entertain us a lot as I’m sure your’s do. Hope today goes well for you. I still think about the Teacher’s Pets days and how it seems like yesterday. Those were the days, my friend.

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