This is what our nephews call us…

UPDATE: I made it through my driver improvement course with a certificate and everything! Went to court this week, and had my violation reduced and dropped ONLY by the grace of God (who loves us, forgives us, and teaches us lessons through stresses like this ticket).

On another note, family came to visit us while they were passing through!!! My heart is so full when Sam gets to see his sisters and we get to play with our nephews. Sammy (4) and Owen (1) are literally cutest little boys I’ve ever seen (along with our other nephews).

{Queue story where I tell you how we got our official Aunt and Uncle names, “Hop” and “G”}

When Sammy was little and learning how to talk, we were all on our way to a brewery. I had mentioned before that I had never seen the hop plants that are grown for beer. When we pulled up to one of our FAVORITE breweries (Old 690), Sam started yelling “BABE, THOSE ARE THE HOPS!”  For whatever reason, Sammy thought it was really hilarious, and started calling Sam, “Hop” for the rest of the day. Kids are so creative. I love it, and he’s been Hop ever since to all of our nephews (side note: only nephews – zero nieces).

Mine is much less exciting. He couldn’t say my actual name, so I tried to get him to say”Angie” instead of “Angela”, but all I could get out of him was “G”. We didn’t choose the names…the names chose us.

I didn’t realize that trying to find fun things in the middle of the week that are free was so difficult! We had major loads of fun at our city park where I used them as test subjects to play with my new camera! Shots below. Go easy on me, I’m not a photographer, nor do I plan to ever be one.

All I’ve ever wanted is to document our lives one photo and video at a time. Enjoy.

IMG_1415               IMG_1489

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