FRIENDS! The updates are pretty minimal this week. So, I’ll start with some randoms, and work my way to the actual point of this post.

I found some grey hairs *GASP* Something about the overcast, rainy days really make them visible. Should I be scared that I’m getting these and I’m not even 30? That’s it. I’m embracing them. There were three of them. One, I attribute to a few high-stress jobs. The second, I attribute to house renovations, and the third, I obviously blame on Sam (obviously kidding).

Speaking of hair, Sam got a hair cut! This wouldn’t really be news, if it hadn’t been a few months since the last one. Long beard = yes, please. Long hair = No thanks.

Also…I made the most AMAZING baja fish tacos. Check’em out on the post from last night!

PSA: WE BOUGHT A BOAT. Correction, Sam, my dad, and my brother-in-law decided to go threesies on the boat for summer fishing adventures. YES, Sam is lucky I’m happy about this purchase since I was only half aware that it was happening. I think this is actual footage of them when they heard we could pick it up this weekend.



As non-eventful as the week has been, the highlight was seeing one of my best friends!

Today, and always, I am thankful for really good friends. Friends that make you feel like a version of yourself that you haven’t felt in years, simply because there is no other friendship like theirs. I’m grateful for friends that make you auto-revert back to the college version of yourself where you laughed at stupid things that would never be funny in your life today, and start speaking in a weird language that very few people understand (except those who knew you ‘back then’).

I can count on one hand the number of individuals whom I consider to be like family, and am grateful for those people I can be grumpy with, and occasionally mean to on my bad days, knowing that it won’t be held against me. To know true friends, is to know love. To know love, is to know Christ. I’m lucky to have friends who point me upward, and both encourage and refresh me by just being themselves.

Meet Amanda. (You should check out her blog, Sunny Side Vibe!) She’s what we’ve now coined “bi-coastal”. Which we’ve determined means that she moves from coast to coast every other year. Because that’s literally what she’s done for the past 5 years.

My LA beach babe missed our seasons here on the east coast and finally made her way back again! For now. Did I mention we were also college roommates? That’s the best part of our friendship! I mean….home girl has seen me on many a day with no sleep, no makeup, late nights, missed tests, and yet somehow we’ve managed to stay friends during the season of life where we’re were all living on a prayer from semester to semester. (insert Bon Jovi music)

True story, it’s actually because of Amanda that I met Sam! I’ll save that story for another post 😉

Now that she’s back to her “real” home, we were able to spend all day Saturday (in the pouring rain) on some much needed girl time over salmon salads, mimosas, mani/pedis, coffee, and wine tastings. The reunion was amazing.  Seeing old friends — correction, seeing old friends who really know you –  is good for the soul. I feel rested going back to work this week.

Aside from reminiscing on fun stories and memories, there’s one thing that I absolutely LOVE to do when we get together – I go through all of her makeup and skincare products she’s currently using for her facial regimen. I’m aware this might be weird.

GUYS – I’ve been encouraging her to create a Youtube channel for years. Her skin is the best skin I’ve ever seen – literally. She now sells Rodan + Fields. Yes, I’m guilty and I purchased one of their lines over the weekend due to the fact that my skin has progressively worsened over the past 1-2 years.

I mean…look at her face – flawless! (Thank you for being a test subject for me to practice photography!)


This is the thing. I once tried to do a direct sales venture at one point in my life, when I had no time to dedicate to it (and for those who are wondering…I sold $0). I usually don’t take the bait when other people, including friends, try to sell me their products because most of the time I just don’t think they’re good, quality products worth purchasing if I’m being honest.

The only – I’ll repeat ONLY reason I’m giving this a try, is because my skin has become so stressed, red, blotchy, and bumpy. I have tried everything in local department and retail stores, and nothing has been working. The main reason I’ve decided to try this is because I’ve known Amanda since 2006, and she has only ever used top of the line products that have kept her skin clear and beautiful. When I lived with her, my skin was almost flawless. One time I was having some major acne breakouts, and my mom asked “have you called Amanda to see if she has anything you can try?” lol She’s known for this stuff.

I’m hoping that this helps. This is not a push for her (okay, actually it kind of is), but if there is anyone that I would trust with skincare products, it’s her! If you’re dealing with stressed skin, and nothing has seemed to work – keep up with, and subscribe to this blog, because I’ll be posting photos before and after (once I work up the courage to actually post a photo of me with zero makeup).

Our visit was amazing, and much needed.

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