Weekly Menu

Happy Sunday!

Sam and I went to pick up the fishing boat yesterday and had (literally) hours in the truck together. We decided to meal prep this week, and I thought I’d share our plan.

I would love to hear what you do, what works for your family, and how you stay balanced with eating healthy, while making foods you still enjoy! This has been a process for us since we got married because I don’t love to cook. Meal prep is the only way this can happen, so it’s happening this week!

Why is the journey to meal prep so difficult? Why do I have such a love/hate relationship with my kitchen, and who has time to prep food? Not me.

I don’t know if I’ve burnt too many dinners in my life, but the phrase “the struggle is real” when it comes to cooking, is an understatement.

Why do we all of a sudden want to meal prep so badly? Sam and I have really thought about this together. Our schedules are crazy, and we both want to make an effort to eat more clean (not to be mistaken with always healthier), and to help each other in the kitchen! Sam is a great cook! He loves to grill, smoke, and he’s great at getting things prepped and ready (since he’s home before me), so that I can takeover when I walk in the door!

We really have to work at maximizing our time together since we both have full work weeks, so we’ve come up with a list of reasons below to keep us accountable to meal prepping this week. (One week at a time, right?)

  1. To save money. The amount of money we spend on takeout is ungodly, and well, it’s takeout? Ew (but YUM).
  2. I don’t want to live a life where I can’t enjoy my food because I’m on Weight Watchers, or whatever diet craze of the week is popular. I hate eating meals from frozen boxes, and they never feel like enough food. I’ve tried them all. None of them offer a lifestyle that I want to live.
  3. Neither Sam nor I have the time to dedicate to cooking full dinners every night, which is why it is crucial that I prep all of our ingredients in advance! This will be new for me.
  4. To help cut out the processed foods (Not going cold turkey though). There is actually a lot of work, research, and label reading to doing this, and I’m just not fully there yet.
  5. We love sitting at a table to have dinner together. We like talking about our days together over food. When we grab takeout, we usually hit the couch and turn on our favorite shows to catch up. There’s not a lot of communication that happens, so that is something we both want to make sure to we’re constantly working on with each other!

Our Menu for this week is below! I’ll try to link the recipes later when I get them up on the blog. We always have dinner leftovers the next day for lunches, and this seems to work really well for us!

You’ll notice the greens for breakfast each morning, and some of you will criticize that because you’re not supposed to eat the same thing every day. But, I am notorious for never eating greens. I just don’t like them. It has nothing to do with the way they’re cooked, and my doctor said that I NEED to get them in. Smoothie it is. This smoothie also has green tea that disguises the taste, and is the most digestible mix of greens I have ever tasted in my life! As you’ll see, I take a balanced approach to our meals.

We aren’t on Whole30, we aren’t vegan, we aren’t constantly counting every calorie in our meals. They’re portioned out foods that we genuinely like to make and eat, that are also little to no effort – which I am all about.  Enjoy!


(B) Super greens smoothie | 1 egg

(S) Pretzels | Tabouli Salad

(L) Ground Chicken Teriyaki | Chopped Asian salad

(D) Egg Salad sandwich



(B) Super Greens Smoothie | Apple

(S) Pretzels

(L) Egg Salad Sandwich

(D) Spaghetti w/ turkey quinoa meatballs



(B) Super Greens Smoothie | Mandarin Orange

(S) Apple

(L) Spaghetti w/ turkey quinoa meatballs

(D) Grilled Chicken | Steamed veggies



(B) Super Greens Smoothie | Fruit

(S) Veggies w/ Hummus

(L) Grilled Chicken | Steamed Veggies

(D) BBQ Sandwich



(B) Super Greens Smoothie | Fruit

(L) BBQ Sandwich

(D) Grilled fish (either catfish or cod) | Mediterranean Quinoa



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