At what point does “settling down” happen?

Does anyone else ever feel like they have a lot to say, but then start to blog and say to yourself, “what have I actually done lately that’s worth writing about?”

I feel like I’m in this constant state of trying to figure out what’s next for us. Is it a new house? Ours is too small. Is it kids? That’s an entirely separate blog post. Is it a third dog? Just kidding, that answer is a big, fat NO. But seriously, it’s so hard for me to just be. It’s not that I’m not content. I feel like I’ve been “on the go” since 2012 and this train just hasn’t stopped yet! Does it ever slow down?

From campaigns, to moving to DC, to marriage, to job changes and other life events, being still and being present is (and has always been) difficult for me. I’m working on this. I’m working on my constant need to be into something. I pray that my heart settles right where we’re at, because I love our life. If I’m not moving, I feel that I should be doing something more. What does that mean? Making more money? Making more of an impact? Not moving at all and making more time for Sam and I? I don’t know!

The sermon I heard last week in church was simply about praise and worship in our lives – right where we’re at. What it means for us individually, and what it means for us spiritually. I’ve got to tell you that it’s changing my life and pointing me upward. Acknowledging God’s presence in my life daily, and his forever goodness to us is doing stuff to my heart this week. Seeking his will is a daily struggle. Finding routine, alone time has given me fresh perspective lately. Make time for it. I’m bad at this, but I can tell a difference in my life when I’m spending time in God’s presence and when I’m not. If you’re in the same spot and you’re just not sure what’s next, praise and worship until you do. “You are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with the most,” it’s true. Surround yourself with good people.

Blogging has been on the back burner lately, but this month has been filled with a lot of energy, emotion and excitement that I’m not quite sure how to put into words.

Sam left me for an entire week! It was fun for the first few days. I shopped, I ate way too much fast-food, I cleaned, did laundry, and then I just missed my husband! The house is honestly kind of creepy and empty when he’s gone. I feel like I hear everything. I didn’t realize how many times an ice maker actually makes ice during the night until I was by myself for a week.

Anyway, as I stated in my last post he obviously left me for good reasons! He went on THE BEST Alaska fishing adventure with his dad, and let me tell you, they fished the crap out of that place. My freezer and my tummy thank you, Alaska. I’ve been eating fish for days! We’ve already grilled and smoked 4-5 dinners worth and haven’t even put a dent in the freezer yet.

I kept my free time simple. I discovered things like snapchat. Technology just makes me feel old, and I’m not even 30. I spent money on things I didn’t need like floating shelves, but at the same time my house was de-cluttered and purged of junk. I read once that if it doesn’t bring you joy and it doesn’t promote anything constructive in your life, get rid’ of it. I only had time to clean out the spare bedroom and the living room. That’s literally how much stuff we had. My trash/goodwill pile was about 12 bags tall. MUCHO things that I did not need. My grandma always said “If I want it, I must need it,” so I like to stick with her logic for the most part until it begins to stop me from having a clear mind and a clean house!

Tired of failing with my workouts, I also decided to start kickboxing. Yes, you read that right – No, I still can’t feel my body parts from a class two nights ago. Signing up to punch something three times/week has been the best decision I’ve made this year, which you can clearly see by the super sweet note and Starbucks card I received this week for encouragement!


I missed the hubs and wanted him to come home, but not under the circumstances by which he did. We found out that his trip was cut short by the death of his grandmother (Nana), whom we all love and miss deeply. Nana was the first family member that I met. I remember the adorable pink sweater she was wearing when she greeted me at the front door! She repetitively told me that I had hit the jackpot when I met Sam. Boy, was she right. Sam spoke beautifully at her service, and we celebrated her life with family.

There was heaviness over this trip, but so much joy reflecting on the amazing woman that she was, and being reminded that our homes here on earth are only temporary. This isn’t the end, and I’m so thankful for the Lord’s promise of eternity for those who know Him. He has surrounded us both with amazing family members that have made saying “I’ll see you again” so difficult.

Her obituary can be found here, and it was beautifully written. She was loved by her entire family. Those who attended her service know that Nana loved to write cards! Luckily, I’m a hoarder and I have saved a bunch that she’s sent us with all of her sweet notes to look back on.


The weekend was hard enough, but we randomly decided to take Stella with us to NJ so that we didn’t have to deal with boarding her last minute. Let me just say that we’re making some amazing strides with her training! She was excellent in the car. She gets an A+ for being quiet the entire time too.  Still working on socialization (which is really her only flaw at this point) and how to behave calmly around other people, but we couldn’t have asked for her to be any better than what she was for not even being a year and a half yet. We’re working on the three P’s: Progress, Patience, Praise.

Seriously, she sat like for for 3 hours straight lol

These past few weeks finally ended with celebrating our two great dads, and we’re super grateful that we were able to celebrate Father’s day with them both live, and IN-PERSON. Sam is the man I love because his father has invested time, love, energy, and a desire to serve the Lord into him. Our dads are awesome, and life wouldn’t be the same without them.


As always, thanks for keeping up with our lives.

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