Valinda | Photo Shoot #2


I did a photo shoot with one of my best friends, who you’ve probably seen in some of my other posts! We drove over to a nearby college town and had some fun. There were a lot of cute neighborhoods, brick walls, inappropriate scenarios that made us laugh really hard, and tacos when we decided we were tired and out of space on my memory card.

Valinda and I have been friends since the 3rd grade. We lived just a few miles apart growing up, spent all of years in youth group together, and basically stayed friends throughout high school. Then, we followed each other to the same college and lived on the same hall freshman year. What can I say? She makes life not boring.

What’s that saying? If you can stay friends for more than 7 years you’ll be friends for life?  Well, we’ve made it! I’m confident we’ll still be having fun when we’re 80 together.

She got married (also to a guy named Sam), and later moved to California while I moved to Lynchburg, Springfield, Arlington, Boston, back to Arlington, and finally back to West Virginia. She also made it back to West Virginia a couple of years ago, and the Lord must have seriously known that we would need each other because it’s a  miracle that we now live exactly one block apart in the hometown where we grew up.

I’m thankful for her unconditional friendship, our therapeutic talks, memories growing up and new memories being made, our love of good food (and drinks), her laugh, and most importantly her sweet soul that knows how to lift me up when I’m down.

When any normal person would have been weird about me getting a camera to practice photography (she’s a photographer), she offered to let me practice on her AND built my confidence the entire time! She’s the best, and I wanted to share some of the photos she let me capture that embody her personality pretty well 🙂

If you’re interested in a session together, let me know! My 50mm lens is coming in this month and I’ll need to use it on someone! Contact me directly via email at -or- find me and DM me on Insta @angela.reamer.


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