29 Things about ME!

I know, I know…it’s NOT all about me! But, I figured that I’d share 29 things about me to celebrate my 29th trip around the sun. Yes, it’s past my birthday, but my motto has always been that birthdays last all month, right?

I’m thankful for all of the beautiful people in my life. Some of you may know these things already, but for those who don’t, enjoy some fun facts about me!

Here it goes!

[1] I have two favorite chocolates. Reese Cups, and Rolos, but I can’t choose which one I love most.

[2] My favorite movie of all-time is Fried Green Tomatoes – Towanda!!! (you’ll only get that if you’ve seen the movie)

[3] I fell in love with my husband on a road trip.

[4] I have to basically tranquilize myself on planes. HATE THEM.

[5] My favorite breakfast meal is biscuits n’ gravy. Welcome to the South.

[6] I am a very emotional person. Ask my husband, I cry at literally everything when I watch movies. (True story, I carried an entire roll of toilet paper to the movie Me Before You once, and everyone thanked me).

[7] I only have one sibling, and she’s my absolute best friend!

[8] I played one sport in high school, Volleyball. It was for one year, and I got kicked off the team. It was awful, so now it’s super hard for me to get into sport activities. (Oh, I guess I can’t forget about gymnastics when I was really little, but I don’t count that)

[9] I’m competitive, and I don’t like to lose at anything. No one wants to play board games with me anymore!

[10] My Boston Terrier, Stella was named after the beer. We were talking in the car on the way home after we picked her up from the breeder, and mentioned that we were going to pick up some Stella. Her ears perked up – the name chose her.

[11] My favorite alcoholic beverages: champagne, long island iced teas.

[12] My original major in college was Elementary Education – which I still think I could rock!

[13] I will gag at the smell of cinnamon gum. No idea why, it just really grosses me out.

[14] {Unpopular opinion} I think Chai lattes are better than Pumpkin Spice lattes

[15] I’m obligated to support the Philadelphia Eagles…by marriage. But, I really don’t give a lick about football.

[16] This isn’t a secret, but those who don’t know me aren’t aware that I am a living, breathing, walking poster board for Chick-Fil-A. Give me ALL of the chicken minis!!!

[17] When I was little, I would make coupon books for family members with chores, back scratches, etc. as Christmas and birthday presents because I love hand-made gifts. I also love cheap gifts that are thoughtful.

[18] Every year, my dad hand-picks an ornament for my Christmas tree. Our Christmas tree growing up was made of homemade ornaments from both my sister and I. One time I mentioned that I’m wasn’t going to have any nice ornaments for my own tree when I grew up and didn’t have any kids yet. They would just be plain, boring ones from the store. That year my dad started buying each of us ornaments, and now I have so many, I’m not sure where any from our future kids will go!

[19] I have chronic kidney stones. I get them at least once a year, and it’s agonizing pain.

[20] If I’m invited to a wedding, I will never buy a gift from the registry. That’s too easy, and there’s very little thought put into it. I like to do my own thing and buy items that a couple doesn’t even know they wanted!

[21] One layer of our wedding cake was funfetti. Cool, right?

[22] I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland.

[23] My go-to guilty pleasure show is The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

[24] My first car was a Buick, Park Avenue named Sampson.

[25] I’ve totaled two cars. Both were Dodge neons, and both were my fault!

[26] Yard sales and flea markets are my favorite past time. My husband and I both found most of the furniture in our house at flea markets, and then worked hard to fix and re-purpose everything we could find!

[27] My bulldog Shady is actually named after LeSean McCoy (NFL). This was NOT my doing!

[28] When I lived in Boston, I would go shopping for new clothes before I would wash mine. The Laundromat was at the very bottom of our apartment building, and 10hr days meant that I would head out to a few stores after dinner if I knew I was out of clothes. All of the money I could have saved!!

[29] My favorite class in college was Children’s Literature (like I said, I thought I would originally be working with kids the rest of my life). Almost every class began with 5 minutes of listening to C.S. Lewis on the BBC radio, and a morning devotion. Did you know that there are more than 1,000 versions of the story of Cinderella throughout history from almost every country? Not every version portrays a poor, damsel in distress. In many accounts she’s a noblewoman. Despite the story, socioeconomic status, or country of origin – every single account describes the main character waiting to be rescued by a prince. I’m not amazed that throughout time, we’re all still waiting on a Savior to take us out of the situation we’re in and show us more love than we’ve ever known.


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